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Who am I?

“Nothing, indeed, is more revolting to English feelings than the spectacle of a human being obtruding on our notice his moral ulcers or scars, and tearing away that which time or indulgence to human frailty may have drawn over them;”    

-Thomas De Quincey

Before anything else, I am an artist. I adore wrapping my hands around an object and transforming it through words, creating a more loveable, more admirable, infinite times better version. Words carry a power which subordinate nations and shackle humans. We must never offer them power, only temporary pleasure.

Whatever you read and experience on my website represents years worth of work in discovering what I stand for and what I truly am. For some reason unbeknownest to myself, I chose to shed my skin in front of strangers and paint it with the truest, most lifelike colors. Some things you may read are harsh, yet necessary, some are futile, yet charismatic. I never post purposeless, so take that as you will. If you come here to judge me based on my art in linkage to my abilities as a student/student-worker/student-researcher/human being/anything else and you find a detachment, maybe, just maybe you are missing the point of it all.

Thus, this blog is just a materialistic print of my thoughts and my thoughts only. I do not endorse hypocrisy realistic human endeavour in respect to what I write. It is paramount to make sure I lay this down for anyone who cares to understand what and why I write about the things I finally write about. If you are a stranger to my real life and you just wish to enjoy my writing, I invite you to do so, no strings attached. In my own way, I will thank you for ever taking even 5 minutes of your time to read whatever silly things I put down.

And if you feel the need for a background check to understand some posts better, here are some facts about me:

-I am a 21-year old rising junior from Romania, double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology at Wellesley College, Massachussetts

-I battled depression for one year and it has helped me discover my passion for the brain and the absolute magical underpinnings for my art, which you will find often in my writing

-I am the co-creater of the Slater Newsletter, a campus-based magazine dedicated to international students at Wellesley College, the first of its reign in the history of our college, nominated for the Camellia Student Leadership Awards in its debut semester

-I do research at MIT. Some may say I am friends with mice. I literally pick their brains

-I founded this blog almost four years ago with the help of many friends and family memebers. My journey continues because of you (reading this now) and right about everyone who supported me thus far

-I am a feminist and it happened so mostly because of the college I am lucky enough to attend

-I do not know yet what my ultimate role is in life. But one thing I am certain about: these posts are here to inspire you in the right direction for you. What worked for me might never work for you and what I have been through point-blank is what you might need to hear to make that leap. Whatever it is, you need to take everything I say with a pinch of salt and question most of my ramblings. I am not a god. I am merely a young adult with an internet connection