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Author: Julia Boca

“We never talk about the infinite-problem,” said Bobby.   “I mean, why would we?” cautiously inquired Bob.   “It is, nonetheless, a problem, one which was invented by man and cannot be solved by him. Do you smell that?!”   Sniffing through the damped air in

Before having been accepted to Wellesley, I also applied for 5 universities in the UK where I later declined the offers because, if I am being completely honest with you, I hate that country, the climate, and probably the atmosphere.

Surprisingly enough, I did not post anything about my applying to college because of complete and utter unawareness of the result. As one can probably and already tell, had it been something resembling rejection, I would not have thought about

Mama Mama, days have thundered by Making me quake and spade Mama, mountains have risen and suns have dawned Silently cracking me open Mama, peoples have shouted and crisply demanded That now and which forever Mama, I am scared For I do not know the first breath May it